Software Packaging as a Service

Even with Windows 10, software needs to be repackaged and distributed. The client from the cloud, however, changes the ways in which it is distributed and managed. Companies often follow the same previous paths: each company rebuilds its own packages for all applications and then deals with the software lifecycle. This can be a waste of time and resources; therefore, we present to you a modern alternative.

Software Packaging at a Glance

Modern Technologies

A classic software distribution solution is no longer necessary. Intune, App Store for Business and RealmJoin are the technologies that help to distribute even classic Win32 applications over the Internet to corporate clients. This is an advantage for you as servers or distribution points will not be necessary anymore.

We Pack...

We take care of the packaging or provide existing software packages. With Intune and RealmJoin we take care of the complete lifecycle of your client applications, at fixed prices. Together with our customers, we determine the applications that are to be made available with the Windows 10 rollout.

..You Decide on Distribution

The distribution is controlled by the company itself, a partner or us - depending on the wishes of our customers. We offer the packaging as well as the continuous maintenance of the applications at a fixed price.

Our Customers in Packaging as a Service (abstract)

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